Delivery Policy.

Training Purchases:

Following a training purchase a Future Technologies Representative will contact you in due program to arrange a suitable date and time, whether this is On-Line or On-Site training.

Software and Upgrades:

All Software and Software upgrades are supplied as a downloadable item with an electronic license, we aim to process your request within 24hrs if purchased Mon-Thursday. If a Purchase is on Friday after 16:30 or on a Saturday or Sunday then this will be processed the next working Day.

Electronic License:

Software provided by Future Technologies requires an electronic license key to function, we will provide this license to you at the same time as the downloadable software. License keys will collect device ID during registration to maintain records of the location of the license.

VPS, Cloud Services and Backup Services:

All VPS and Cloud Hosting packages require up-front payment. The service will be delivered within one business day.

Dedicated Servers:

All Dedicated Servers require up-front payment. The service will be delivered within five business days although in most cases delivered much faster.

Domain Registrations and Renewals:

Domain registrations and renewals will be performed within a day although are usually performed within an hour.

Should there be an unexpected delay we will inform you by email as soon as possible.